Why have a professionally designed garden?

Having a professionally designed garden adds value to your home especially if you may wish to move again in the future, it will make your property really stand out from the crowd giving it a unique selling point. Many buyers will pay more for a well-designed garden, it can add between 5%-10% to a sale price.

The role of a garden designer is very similar to an architect, in so much as that we are there to design and develop plans which are practical as well as being pleasing to the eye. A professional garden designer will transform your garden into a beautiful and functional space that meets the clients requirements in both needs and budget. They will be able to give you ideas that you have not considered for yourself, as well as giving you creative input which is based on years of training and experience.

A garden designer will Resolve problems and issues in your garden. Garden designers will maximise the sense of space whilst ensuring that there is the correct balance between hard and soft landscaping, the correct balance between form, colour as well as texture. They will produce beautiful planting schemes offering year- round interest.

Having a well-designed garden has many benefits, Lianne is always client focused, therefore your garden design is developed with your specific requirements in mind. When a garden is designed in this way it does not need tinkering with as it is already exactly how you want and need it, meaning that you have more time to relax and enjoy your garden.