Garden Styles

On this page you will find brief descriptions of the different styles and themes that we can offer, this can form the concept of your design, but every element is bespoke to your requirements.

Cottage gardens 

This distinct style uses informal designs and traditional materials, its plantings can be dense with a mixture of edible as well as ornamental plantings. Modern cottage gardens can include grasses and native plants. Roses are a cottage garden favourite; the cottage garden has grace and charm.

Kitchen gardens

Kitchen gardens can have just a few rows of salad crops to huge walled areas to keep the owner self-sufficient in fruit, veg and cut flowers. But regardless of their size what they all have is a degree of formality and symmetry.

Gardens for entertaining

Here you can get to use your garden to its full potential, the entertaining garden should provide space for sitting and circulation, maybe a outdoor kitchen or designated BBQ area, and that all important lighting to enable you to entertain after the sun goes down.

Family gardens

A garden to suit all, somewhere for the adults to relax, to enjoy alfresco family meals, a play area for the children, and of course plenty of flowers, this is still a garden after all! plants and flowers are carefully chosen to be safe for your whole family.

Front gardens

For All shapes, sizes and purposes we will design your front garden to be functional as well as beautiful.

Plant enthusiasts gardens

This is for those of us that primarily want to enjoy the benefits of plants in their gardens, be it caring for them, looking at them or growing, cutting and picking them, we will design a garden to suit you.

Water gardens

Water features are always a design favourite. This is because the sound of water in a garden always adds that added dimension, not to mention that wow factor. A water garden is where the water features are the main focus of the design.

Japanese-style gardens

These are traditional gardens the gardens are usually designed with Japanese aesthetic and philosophical ideas in mind, they tend to avoid artificial ornamentation, and they highlight the natural landscape. Using natural materials such as bamboo, stone and rock alongside Japanese plantings.

Mediterranean gardens

These have soft colours, gravel paths, brightly coloured tiles and clipped hedges, terracotta pots and scented plantings they are beautiful spaces and often have a water feature or two. They provide great outdoor living areas, perfect for relaxing and feeling like you are in your perfect holiday garden every day.

Wildlife gardens

It is important to provide habitats along with a valuable source of food and shelter for a wide range of animals and creatures. A wildlife garden will cater for this in many ways, from a bird table to a large pond.

Formal gardens

Typically characterised  by a strong symmetry and a organised level of style with strong lines and or curves.

Woodland gardens

With woodland plantings, trees and underplanting, with this style you could go the whole hog or just have a woodland corner.

Gardens for the elderly and disabled

Many gardens are sadly inaccessible for the elderly and disabled. Many people who love their garden can no longer enjoy it the way they used to. So we put thought into our designs to make your garden enjoyable and accessible no matter what your disability or age, with features such as wider paths, ramps, raised beds, sensory features and plantings to name just a few. What ever your needs, we endeavour to provide a solution without skimping on the design.