Welcome to our first Blog – Our Winters Garden

Welcome to our blog, we aim to post our blogs monthly, where we will talk about what is going on with us, our gardens and anything else that we think may be of interest, and hopefully we will be able to help you out with any issues you have going on in your outdoor space too, so if you would like some advice on a particular gardening issue please get in touch and we will include it in our next blog, if you leave your email address then we will also reply in more depth directly to you. So here goes –

How does your garden look right now that winter is here? is it looking bright and colourful? Or do you have what most of us have right now, a boring garden with just the old shrub looking sorry for itself, patches of bare earth, hardly any colour, sound familiar?  Well don’t feel disheartened, after all, winter is the time that sorts out real hardcore gardeners from those of us that like to potter in the warmer months. Gardens stripped back for winter certainly shows the flaws in gardens and their designs. So what can you do to bring winter joy to your garden?  Well quite a lot actually, in winter good structure or framework is very important. This can be in the form of evergreen shrubs, hedges, even hard landscaping. This allows your garden to have form and will enable your garden to stand out when the light is low. Ornamental plants and trees planted with the view from the window in mind will bring in winter focal points. Evergreen plants and climbing shrubs growing over structures such as arches, arbours, obelisks or even your garden shed will bring life into the winters garden when all other flowers have long since died back.

Colour is in short supply in your winters garden so try planting plants with colourful stems, barks, berries and leaves. Trees such as Cornus, dogwoods and silver birch. You could plant hollies, hellebores, aconites and snowdrops, even Euonymus fortunei looks great and is tough and easy to grow. Coloured grasses bring amazing form to the garden and a black grass like Ophiopogon planiscapus ‘Nigrescens’ planted next to white flowers looks fantastic.

If your brave enough to venture out into your garden for a while, a selection of winters scented plants are a winner, try Mahonia, sarcococca, honeysuckle and skimmia, plant them close to paths or your door so you can get the full benefit of the amazing scent.

So next time you are out and planning your garden, don’t just think about the hazy summer garden, give a thought to winter too, it is possible to have a colourful welcoming winters garden to lift your spirits on a cold grey day.